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Product Questions
Most questions about our products can be found in our frequently asked questions. Please visit this section for information on pipe diameters, installation instructions, and more.

If you are a homeowner and need help with installation, please call a licensed installer. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - CARBON MONOXIDE can leak from improperly installed appliances, so please don't DIY unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Other Important Information
  • Our pipe is ONLY compatible with other Z-Flex al29-4c pipe. It WILL NOT FIT any other brand or type of pipe (B-vent, PVC, etc.).
  • Our pipe is generally only used for tankless water heaters, commercial boilers, and pool heaters. If you are using for anything other than one of these appliances, please check your installation manual for the UL listing of the recommended pipe and ensure it requires UL-1738 category II, III, or IV. Once confirmed, please have the installation manual ready before you call.
  • We cannot offer any advice or information on your run and/or how much pipe you will need.

To place an order over the phone or to inquire about an existing order, you may call:

1-800-561-9135 -or- 903-484-4808