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We have one of the largest inventories of Z-Vent products in the country. When you're ordering your vent pipe from us, we know you are probably planning the installation soon. Because of this, your order is shipped complete and shipped ASAP. We ship 99.9% of the orders within one business day. A tracking number is e-mailed to you so your package can be tracked for delivery day.

We provide extra care in packaging to ensure your order arrives without any damage. Most orders are boxed in 275# double wall boxes with heavy duty bubble for extra protection.

Orders are double checked for accuracy and a few other shipping "secrets" to not have a disappointed customer.

Sorry, we do not have local pick-up available. ( ship out only )

phone: 1-800-561-9135 or 214-444-8158 or 903-484-4808

* We reserve the right to refuse any order in which the installation of our product would cause, or be the result of, a fire or a carbon monoxide death or injury.
USA Only

Phone Orders, Availibility, Shipping Rates or Transit Times:

214-444-8158 or 903-484-4808

8:30am to 3:30pm,central time, Monday-Friday

For product questions, please use our FAQ-Knowledge base, it includes product dimensions, FAQ's and more !

*Cinnabar Equipment does not have staff to assist with what items you would need for your installation.

We reserve the right to refuse any order in which the installation of our product would cause, or be the result of, a fire or a carbon monoxide death or injury.

Although we do have the manufactures installation manuals online and numerous FAQ's, you made need the assistance of a professional to insure a correct and safe install.

*For support on Z-Vent products not purchased from Cinnabar Equipment, please call the Z-Vent technical department at 1-800-654-5600.

Express Shipping Quote:
phone: 214-444-8158 or 903-484-4808

We do not accept orders from outside the USA or accept payments from outside the United States.

* Limited shipping to Alaska and Hawaii

Z-Vent: What is it?

  • Z-VENT vent pipe is made of AL294c stainless steel which is durable enough to use in hi-efficiency boilers and tankless water heaters. The acidic condensation produced in todays equipment will not corode Z-Vent pipe.
  • Gasketed connections,no need for sealant when joining pipe
  • The only brand that is cutable
  • UL1738 listed for Category I, II,III and IV heating equipment.
  • Used for venting appliances with positive pressure of 8" of water column or less.Tankless water heaters are below this range and can use the Z-Vent for venting.
  • Z-Vent® recommends that an experienced professional who works with venting systems perform the installation.
  • Z-Vent® should not be combined with any other manufacturers brand of vent pipe because the connections are different.
  • Maximum flue temperature for the Z-Vent is 480 degrees F.
  • Limited 15 year warranty
What you see is a byproduct of the way that the Z-Vent pipe is cut as it comes off our tube mill machine at the factory. You will see a brownish film (slag) that usually goes down the inside of the vent length for some distance. This film can be wiped off with your fingers and appears to look like rusting or sooting. You will also notice some minor pitting as you get closer to the end as this is the point of the highest heat concentration during the cutting process. The seals may also pick up some of this “slag” giving them the appearance they are used. You will only see this on the pipe and not any of the fittings because the pipe is fed on a continuous coil of stainless steel where as the fittings use single sheets of stainless steel.
Yes, Z-Vent is the only Brand of AL294c pipe that is cutable. You can use a hacksaw with a carbon steel blade to cut thru the non-gasketed end of the pipe.

* Do not a vice to secure the pipe, another person holding as you cut is the safest way.

*Always wear protective gloves and glasses when cutting the pipe.

* A metal file may be required to file any burs before inserting into the gasketed end.
NO, insulation can not be used to insulate the pipe.( UL 1738 code) If you are in a cold climate area where a greater amount of condensation will be produced,use a Z-Vent condensate drain instead of insulation. The condensate drains are available in 3 types:Vertical in-line, horizontal or in a Vertical Condensate Tee.
NO, sealant,screws or tape should not be used to secure any connections on Z-vent pipe. The hi-temp gasketed end of the pipe is enough for a tight connection. Using screws will cause a leak of deadly carbon monoxide gas. Any type of tape is not suggested,the pipe has the UL listing without using any additional fastners.
Any other type of vent pipe will not have an air tight gasketed connection and will corode in a short period of time. This will cause a deadly carbon monoxide leak and could cause a fire. B-Vent, even though a double wall, has an alunimum inner pipe and galvanized outer shell that will not hold up to the corrossive condensation produced by Tankless water heaters or Hi-efficiency condensing boilers. Your installation manual for your appliance will list the correct UL listing and/or a short description of the required venting.

Z-Vent Installation questions

Several of the Z-Vent items available have Video and audio available in order to assist the professional in the "how-to" of installation
Condensate Drain
Straight Pipe
Adjustable Pipe
Roof termination
Wall Thimble
Appliance adapters
Gas Flex Hose for Tankless Installation
No,the Tankless water heater venting has to have its own separate vent pipe. Common venting with another appliance is against code and you tankless will not perform under that condition.
No, your exhaust pipe has to be vented all the way to the outside of the house or building. Venting to the chimney does not allow the chimney to draft the flue gas, resulting in carbon monoxide gas to stay in the chimney or settle back into the building. However, it is acceptable to vent thru and to the outside of a masonry chimney if no other appliance vents directly into the same flue without a liner. The chimney must meet all national and local building codes and be cleaned of all soot,debris and creosote before installing Z-Vent.
You installation manual should show the requirements as to the exit termination from doors and windows. If not,check your local code for their parameters. A PDF attachment on the bottom of this answer shows a Tankless water heater manufacturers termination requirements. This is only an example and your appliance may be different.If you're in an area where snow may be higher than 12 inches, your above grade termination should also be more than 12 inches.
Under the "Clearance Enclosed" section you will see an 8 inch clearance as the pipe passed thru a wall horizontally. This means that you need 8 inches clearance from all around the pipe, a 19 inch round hole if you are using 3 inch diameter pipe. The best way to minimize that 19 inch hole is to use a Z-Vent Wall Thimble,reducing the hole size to 7 inches when using 3"pipe. ( 8" hole using 4" pipe with a thimble, etc) The Wal Thimble acts like a sleeve that your pipe will pass thru.
If you have ordered from Cinnabar Equipment Co, an installation manual is included in each order. Also, an installation manual is available below under attachments in a .PDF format. As you are looking at the manual,please note the requirement of a condensate drain,clearance to combustibles during installation and requirements above the roof.
-->click here to download a Z-Vent Installation Manual<--
No, a chimney liner (no matter the material) is not acceptable for venting a Tankless water heater. A flexible chimney liner is not a UL approved method and again, is unsafe. Many people think that this could be an alternative to the correct rigid Z-Vent pipe, but it is not. Again, we are dealing with a deadly exhaust gas that needs the right material to do the job correctly.
We offer support only with produsts purchased from us.
If you have purchased elsewhere, please contact the company you purchased from or call the Z-Vent Manufacturer at 1-800-654-5600 for support.
When you do call us for support, please have your receipt number ready for our Tech rep or email: Phone: 214-444-8158
Cinnabar Equipment does not have staff to assist with what items you would need for your installation. Although we do have the manufactures installation manuals online and numerous FAQ's, you made need the assistance of a professional to insure a correct and safe install. We reserve the right to refuse any order in which the installation of our product would cause, or be the result of, a fire or a carbon monoxide death or injury.
The Termination Hood is the suggested termination because it has the exhaust blowing down and away from the building. It has a built-in Bird Screen like all the other termination options.
The hot flue gas will discolor stucco,melt vinyl and ignite wood siding if the gases are not directed away from the building.
No, the manufacturer does not recommend painting the pipe.
Most Tankless manufacturers only require our Z-Vent AL29-4C single wall stainless steel.However, it's always best to check with your local building inspector because your local code may require doube wall. The clearance to combustibles is the same with either using single or double wall Z-Vent brand of pipe. Please call Cinnabar Equipment for pricing on Z-Vent Double Wall.
No, even though Z-Vent is approved for Tankless water heaters and boilers,it can not be used with different manufacturers pipe.The connections are all different between manufacturers pipe so you would not have a safe venting system.
You can use galvanized clamps or galvanized hanger straps,stainless steel is not required.
The Z-vent intallation manual lists when and where clamps and supports should be used.
The Z-Vent pipe, like any brand of vent pipe, should be inspected at least once a year to ensure the connections are secure, sealed correctly and for any signs of rusting or deterioration. It is not recommended to paint, insulate or coat the pipe with any sealant or chemicals. Z-Vent does have a 15 year limited warranty on their product.Your Z-Vent installation manual states all the terms and conditions along with a warranty registration card.

Service Bulletins

Addendum to Z-Vent Model SVE Installation Instructions
Following are additional instructions required by The Massachusetts Board of Plumbing and Gas Fitters:

A. Modifications to NFPA-54, Chapter 10

(2) Revise 10.8.3 by adding the following additional requirements:

(a) For all side wall horizontally vented gas fueled equipment installed in every dwelling, building or structure used in whole or in part for residential purposes, including those owned or operated by the Commonwealth am where the side wall exhaust vent termination is less than seven (7) feet above finished grade in the area of the venting, including but not limited to decks and porches, the following requirements shall be satisfied:

1. INSTALLATION OF CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS. At the time of installation of the side wall horizontal vented gas fueled equipment, the installing plumber or gasfitter shall observe that a hard wired carbon monoxide detector with an alarm and battery back-up is installed on the floor level where the gas equipment is to be installed. In addition, the installing plumber or gasfitter shall observe that a battery operated or hard wired carbon monoxide detector with an alarm is installed on each additional level of the dwelling, building or structure served by the side wall horizontal vented gas fueled equipment. It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to secure the services of qualified licensed professionals for the installatioi of hard wired carbon monoxide detectors

a. In the event that the side wall horizontally vented gas fueled equipment is installed in a crawl space or an attic, the hard wired carbon monoxide detector with alarm and battery back-up may be installed on the next adjacent floor level.

b. In the event that the requirements of this subdivision can not be met at the time of completion of installation ~ the owner shall have a period of thirty (30) days to comply with the above requirements; provided, however, that during said thirty (30) day period, a battery operated carbon monoxide detector with an alarm shall be installed.

2. APPROVED CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS. Each carbon monoxide detector as required in accordance with the above provisions shall comply with NFPA 720 and be ANSI/UL 2034 listed and lAS certified.

3. SIGNAGE. A metal or plastic identification plate shall be permanently mounted to the exterior of the building at a minimum height of eight (8) feet above grade directly in line with the exhaust vent terminal for the horizontally vented gas fueled heating appliance or equipment. The sign shall read, in print size no less than one-half (1/2) inch in size, “GAS VENT DIRECTLY BELOW. KEEP CLEAR OF ALL OBSTRUCTIONS”.

4. INSPECTION. The state or local gas inspector of the side wall horizontally vented gas fueled equipment shall not approve the installation unless, upon inspection, the inspector observes carbon monoxide detectors an signage installed in accordance with the provisions of 248 CMR 5.08(2)(a)1 through 4.

(b) EXEMPTIONS: The following equipment is exempt from 248 CMR 5.08(2)(a)1 through 4:

1. The equipment listed in Chapter 10 entitled “Equipment Not Required To Be Vented” in the most current edition of NFPA 54 as adopted by the Board; and

2. Product Approved side wall horizontally vented gas fueled equipment installed in a room or structure separa from the dwelling, building or structure used in whole or in part for residential purposes.
* The use of an additional condensate drain is required for the Bosch 250,635, 2400 and 2700 series. Cinnabar Equipment stocks 2 options for this requirement, a Horizontal and Vertical Condensate Tee.
The Hi-temp Starter Condensate hose from Z-Vent is on Cinnabar Equipment's On-Line Order page.

Shipping and Returns

Most orders are shipped by FedEx ground from our East Texas location.However, some Chimney Liners and Commercial Vent Pipe may be shipped from our east coast facility.

If you need a faster shipping method such as Next Day air or 2nd. Day air, please call or E-mail for a rate quote. Please call 903-484-4808or e-mail

The cost for shipping can be different depending on the item.The easiest way to determine cost is to add items to your shopping cart and see the shipping price. You can always add or delete items from the cart during this process.

A tracking number is e-mailed to you from the shipper and your e-mailed receipt will have the tracking number as well.

All items are insured and unless requested, a "signature for delivery" is not required. However, at our discresion, we may ship Signature Required on some larger orders.

Extra care is given to all outgoing packages. Our heavy-duty 275# double wall boxes used for larger orders combined with commercial bubble minimizes damage to the contents.Orders are double checked for accuracy and proper packaging.

Most orders received by 12:00 PM (central time) M-F are shipped within one business day.

We can not ship to a PO Box, AFB, or outside the USA.
Selecting the Product that meets your needs

Our Website provides a great deal of information about the products we carry. Please read your installation manual or check for local code requirements for correct venting of your appliance. For example, a local code may require a double-wall stainless steel pipe for a Tankless Water heater instead of single wall pipe.

*We do not have a technical stall to assist in a customers" what parts do I need" questions.

Items that are damaged in shipment may not be returned for credit or exchange. We are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments, the carrier is responsible. This is covered only by shipping insurance, which we purchase on all shipments. We will help you file a loss claim if your shipment is lost or damaged. If you are unsure of the safety of a package left on your doorstep, please request a “Signature Required for Delivery” on your on-line order note.

Please review your warranty immediately upon receipt of your appliance. All warranties are between the manufacturer and you, the purchaser. We make no express or implied warranties. The manufacturer is responsible for repairing or correcting any defects during the warranty period.

Once the item has been installed and/or attempted installed it cannot be returned for a refund, as it cannot be resold as new. If it is defective or needs repairs during the warranty period please review your warranty and contact the manufacturer to make arrangements for repair or replacement.

Products that are not returnable for credit or refund
Selkirk Venting products
Chimney Liners & Insulating Blankets
Installed Products
Special Orders
Original shipping and handling charges
Individual pieces from any Vent Kit
Installed or attempted Installed items

Return Procedure:
To qualify for a refund, all returns must include the following:
1. Original packaging (manufacturer's box, Styrofoam, plastic bags, etc.) The item must be able to be sold as new.
2. A copy of the original purchase receipt.
3. All accessories.
4. Manufacturer documentation (manuals, warranty cards, registration information, etc.)
5. A Return Authorization number from our Company clearly written on the return box. Unauthorized returns will be refused. Please call 903-484-4808 for an RMA
All qualified returns are subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee. The original shipping charges will not be refunded and return shipping charges must he prepaid by the purchaser. Returns are not accepted after 30 days from purchase date.

How to Return an Item:
1. Insert a copy of the original purchase receipt and as proof of purchase.
2. Ship the return parts to: Please call for return shipping address
3. We are not responsible for returned packages that are lost or damaged in transit. As such, we recommend that you ship the item back to us with a method that is insured and/or traceable.
4. When we've received and processed the returned item, we will promptly issue a credit to the credit card used for the original purchase in the purchase amount of the item, less the re-stocking charge. Original shipping charges are not refundable, even though some items may state “Free Shipping” or “Shipping Included”

Need Help?
For assistance with any questions that you have pertaining to your order, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department, 903-484-4808
At this time,we do not ship items outside of the United States or accept international payments regardless on where the items are shipped. If you need a Z-Vent product and live in Canada, please call Z-Vent's Canadian office at 905-731-9411 for a dealer. Please call us for shipping charges to Hawaii and Alaska.
We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

When paying on-line or phone, please give the correct name, address, zip code and phone number of your "bill-to" on your credit card. Incorrect information will delay the processing of your order.

Currently we do not accept International Orders or payments regardless on where the order is shipped to. For example: A non-USA resident paying with a non-USA billed credit card wanting the items shipped to a city in the USA.

We do not accept Checks, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, Wire Transfers or COD's for payment.

American Express suggests to on-line merchants that items should be shipped to the customers billing address only. We may honor that request for the safety of the American Express cardholder.

**We reserve the right to refuse any order in which the installation of our product would cause, or be the result of, a fire or a carbon monoxide death or injury.
Located in Texas, have one of the largest inventories of Z-Vent products in the country. When you're ordering your vent pipe from us,we know you are probably planning the installation soon. Because of this, your order is shipped complete and shipped ASAP. In fact, if your order is received by 12:00pm (Central Time M-F) we ship 99.9% of the orders within one business day.

Below is a FedEx Ground shipping map showing the number of business days for delivery from the day that we ship: